Knee Pain Relief

Not to put too fine a point on it……..but…….. “…everyone…” has knee problems (tho maybe some just don’t know it yet). The human knee is quite a complex of bio-engineering, and is subject to various issues/injuries/degradation.

The FineSpine™ Knee Adjustment may possibly “correct” just some of these issues. It basically involves a firm, vertical, “jiggling movement”, i.e. shaking…up and down…in line with the leg, that may work by “repositioning” the joint into its once normal arrangement. This is certainly not thought to correct major injuries and/or degradation, and one needs be aware of their issue at some level. But it may work to address “a sore knee”, and may further, and significantly, serve to maintain proper knee configuration, to avoid such “soreness” and/or degradation. It takes 2 hands, firmly grasping either side of the joint, with the knee cap centered between. It seems to work by encouraging the knee to “…find its place…”. The adjustment can be done standing, with ones weight on the opposite leg and is also quite convenient to be done while sitting in a chair, as of course there is little weight on the leg as such. The movement is not far…maybe an inch each way…up and down…and takes but a few seconds…but it does actually require some effort. The lower leg must move during the jiggle/shake, thus the need for little if any weight on that leg.

As with all aspects of TFSM, this is DIY adjustment. The user has full and ultimate responsibility in its employ. If pain or stiffness develops, discontinue use. FSLtd assumes whatsoever no liability in its use, effects and/or consequences.