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Notice:  No Doctors are associated with The FineSpine(tm) Method  (TFSM)

Nothing on this site is intended to substitute for treatment, nor should be viewed as dissuading any from seeking care by a medical practitioner. It is provided as an educational and informational resource for the beholder. TFSM is simply a physical approach to physical issues in otherwise healthy backs. Tho the techniques if practiced as disclosed are considered safe and effective, they are not all suitable for all viewer/users. We cannot predict every outcome of practicing TFSM. Each must be aware of their own existing condition. This is DIY adjustment. The user has full responsibility in its employ. If pain or numbness develops, discontinue use. FSLtd makes no claim per the suitability of this information for any one individual and assumes whatsoever no liability in its use, effects or consequences.

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The FineSpine™ Lumbar Adjustment.
The FineSpine™ Cervical Adjustment.
The FineSpine™ Thoracic Adjustment.
Early 3rd Millennium Notes.

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